The Antric Enterprise

Not to be confused with Antric Enterprises.

The Antric Enterprise, or simple the Enterprise as it’s commonly referred to, is still something of a mystery. Founded, and colonized by Antric Enterprises, it initially served as a regulation-free laboratory, where particularly ambitious technologies could be pioneered. In this time it came to occupy 31 systems, 2 of which have ceased to exists as far as outsiders know.

Technologically speaking, the Enterprise is leagues ahead of both the UFP and the Hinterlands. Conspiracy theories and myths surround their more ambitious undertakings. Internally, it has become a land of plenty. No Ant (as the inhabitants are called) wants for anything. Food, energy, material possessions, are all seemingly without limit.

Extensive genetic modification has created a subspecies within the Enterprise, called Genies. Looking like something out of a sci-fi horror flick, they have enormous heads, while the rest of them seems to have begun wasting away. These Genies are rumoured to run the society, which operates as a sort of combination of a technocracy and a company.

Antric planets typically have small populations, although they maintain orbital structures that house millions of Ants. Antric ships have a sort of irreverent look to them, as if they really don’t care about the laws of physics. Things are designed to look elegant, instead of being efficient. Imagine the Star Trek: The Next Generation technologies. Sleek, smoothly formed everythings.

The Antric Enterprise

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